Verdicts and Settlements by Wilkes & McHugh, P.A.

Plaintiff: Kendra Lymon

Defendant: Bynum Transport, Inc.

Date: 03/19/2009

Amount: $65 million

Location: Florida

Alleged Injuries: Traumatic head and brain injuries

Description: The plaintiff, Kendra Lymon was driving through the intersection of State Road 17 and State Road 64, as the truck driver approached the intersection of state roads 17 and 64. There was a tractor-trailer in the opposite turn lane, blocking his view. The truck turned left anyway, and he plowed into Kendra's car on the driver's side, crushing it and sending it spinning off the highway. The driver claimed he had a green arrow allowing him to make the left hand turn, but eyewitnesses later stated that was false and that the plaintiff had a green light and was not speeding.


Plaintiff: Confidential

Defendant: Confidential

Date: 10/15/2008

Amount: 7-figure settlement

Location: Florida

Alleged Injuries: Severe gas burns, respiratory failure, pneumonia, sepsis, loss of limbs

Description: The plaintiff was mixing concrete in a machine on a construction site. Just inches below the surface the machine hit a gas line that exploded, engulfing the plaintiff in flames. He was rushed to the hospital and spent years recovering. As a result of this accident, he has trouble tolerating heat, and is not supposed to be in direct sunlight. Most of the pores in his arms were burned or sealed off, so he also is susceptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion if he overexerts himself.


Plaintiff: 3 Confidential Plaintiffs

Defendant: Confidential

Date: 01/01/2008

Amount: 8-figure settlement

Location: Arkansas

Alleged Injuries: Multiple deaths

Description: The plaintiffs were driving east on Interstate 40 in Arkansas. Traffic had come to a complete stop due to road construction. Warning signs were properly posted making drivers aware of the construction site. A tractor trailer rig owned and operated by a major international trucking corporation, was also traveling east, coming up behind the plaintiffs. The rig never heeded the construction site warning signs and never slowed. The rig slammed into the rear of the plaintiffs at approximately 65 miles an hour, crushing the driver and passengers (all plaintiffs) into the back of another rig stopped in front of them. None of the plaintiffs survived. Brian Reddick, the national litigation manager for Wilkes & McHugh, P.A. was the lead attorney on the case.


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